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Walkability Speaker Series

Walkability Speaker Series – Public Sessions

This is a primer on the basics of smart growth and density development. It explains the basics concept, as well as the health and economic benefits.


Walkability Speaker Series – Elected Officials Sessions

This set of lectures addresses issues of walkability from the lens of policy and governance.


Walkability Speaker Series – Planners and Design Professionals Sessions

These lectures were given to an audience of planners, transportation officials, and design professionals. It is a more in depth and finely-grained picture of the concepts of walkability. Moving beyond just concepts, these lectures move to questions of implementation and design, containing many examples.

Featured Video – Highlights from Joe Minnicozzi’s “True Cost of Economic Development”

Don’t have time to watch a full lecture? Here are some of the highlights from Joe Minicozzi’s lecture on the True Costs of Economic Development. Quick and very sharable!



HappyHealthySmart Symposium


HappyHealthySmart Symposium – Public Session