About ETQG

A Shared Vision
To Achieve Quality Growth In East Tennessee 


History: From 2000 to 2005, a program called “Nine Counties One Vision” identified issues and priorities for growth, development and quality of life, and helped establish a vision for the future of nine East Tennessee counties. The program gathered nearly 9,000 ideas from citizens of the region.

After Nine Counties One Vision wrapped up its work in 2005, members of the task forces which focused on growth management, transit and the environment banded together to plan a conference highlighting important growth issues which had been identified. Coverage expanded to encompass 16 East Tennessee counties, and in early 2007 more than 600 participants took part in the first Plain Talk on Quality Growth conference.

As an outgrowth of the conference, the planning team decided to form a permanent organization to carry the work forward. A board of directors was selected, a mission was established, a program of work was adopted, and East Tennessee Quality Growth began in early 2009.

We use the term “Quality Growth” because it allows independent consideration of different paradigms and input as we continue the dialog toward shaping our future. Our objective is to provide excellent employment opportunities and economic expansion in this region, while protecting the environment and way of life that make East Tennessee great.

Cultivating a REGIONAL VOICE through dialogue at the local level..
Building a REGIONAL UNDERSTANDING of quality growth and desired actions;
Forming a REGIONAL NETWORK of technical support resources for local decision makers and citizens; and